Lara Jade Part II

Go to my original post (below) about the amazing Lara Jade who is shooting a fashion workshop for

You can watch the next two days of this workshop live at or buy the video download of the session.

So what’s so great about Lara Jade?

Like I said below here’s a girl who barely knows the technical stuff of photography. She shows up with one DSLR camera and a 50mm lens. Her lighting setup is primitive even basic.

And then she goes and shoots the heck out of the setup.

I’m listening to rebroadcast of the event and there’s tons of learning here. Lara works with teams of professionals in London and New York. She’s an in demand editorial photographer. You can hear she understands the needs of the fashion magazine editors and she shoots what they want. Today I think we’re going to see Lara do her post-production work and I’m taking the day off to watch.

Like I said below: Lara Jade is my new hero and I’ll get over my crush later 🙂


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