Lara Jade – Part III

I think I figured out why Lara Jade is such a good fashion photographer. I’ve just finished spending my second whole day watching her doing an online workshop on fashion photography from New York City. (Thank you for this opportunity.) We’ve got one more day to go and I can’t wait.

She is such a good photographer because she’s more than a little humble. Now being humble doesn’t mean she isn’t self-confident and professionally competent because she is all that and more.

What Lara isn’t and that is arrogant.

IMHO a lot of the best photo instructors I’ve seen or been in workshops with are loud, arrogant and pretty full of themselves.

Most of them were men. (Funny thing about that.)

And oh yes they are amazing photographers.

They are great technicians. They use tons of the best equipment available to anyone any where. They know how to knock out the big images. They’re fantastic and they’ll tell you so.

Lara on the other hand is quiet, self-assured and technically …oh how to put this gently…blissfully ignorant but…and there’s no way to overemphasize this point…she is a great artist of whom we have not heard enough.

She uses a standard DSLR and a couple of ordinary simple lenses and creates great art.

Right now she’s shooting for fashion magazines and editorial work for clients but she is going to make a major impact on the world of art through her simple, direct photography.

One of the reasons I can say this with some authority is I’ve hired or worked with a lot of photographers over the years and very very few have developed a distinctive and professional style. Lara has and thus her work speaks for her and screams talented!

The rest of us photographers could only hope to be half as good. (Personally I’d settle for 1/10th but that’s only because I’m running out of time. Lara has decades awaiting her. I don’t.)

Remember this name – Lara Jade – you haven’t seen nothing yet !!


One thought on “Lara Jade – Part III

  1. Hi Peter, I think you would like to see were Lara started so I will point you to an online website Larafairie deviantart. She was around 14-15 when she started there. Some of the earlier pics named displaced ect were taken when she was only 16,17,18 ect. She removed alot because she now wants to be seen as a fashion photographer and the two are so different. She kept the name larafairie as she did not want to loose her millions of views on there, owing a lot to her loyal followers who have stayed with her over the years. She is now only 23 and has accomplished so much! She only a couple of years moved into fashion and advertising. One of the most memorable was seeing Lara at Focus on Imaging, were mentioned in the shows report 2011 where they wrote online how many attended and there was a piece on The prize for the longest que before a talk went to Larajade and that they qued for 2 hours to see her talk on the Canon stand. I nearly died with pride as any mother would do. To have seen her work in galleries such as one held in Russia, been travelling the world with her workshops done her DVD with JoeyL and her new book I am so proud of her. I never usually comment, but I am glad you saw past the young girl on creativelive. You saw what I did all those years ago when she would run downstairs as a 15 year old with yet another masterpiece to excitedly show me!………
    I am so pleased that somebody with as much experience saw that too.

    Many thanks Christine

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