It’s 7 in the morning and I’ve had my breakfast shake, coffee’s on and the laundry is turning downstairs. Fed the cat and kissed the wife who has left for her work early trying to dodge the Toronto gridlock traffic. This is the life of the retired photographer. 🙂

Having said that I’ve got an email with a mention of future work (woo hoo) and three newspapers ready to be read. Does it get better than this?

Actually yes. I’ve got the MacBook Pro running and I’m doing my morning email and checking Facebook but there’s more.

On my IPad I’ve got’s rebroadcast of yesterday’s excellent fashion photography workshop conducted by Lara Jade (see the three part series below).

That’s Lara in the photo on the set answering audience questions. There are always a few people who take the workshop and three chat lines to take questions and allow comments (often very funny) from the worldwide audience. has a great marketing strategy. Each month they run a series of photography-related multi-day workshops that are free to view while video downloads are for sale at a discount during the workshop or are archived online for future purchase.

For old retired guys like me, this is perfect. I have the time to sit for two or three days and watch all-day live broadcast. Then the next morning I can watch the free rebroadcast. ( has had 40,000 viewers for their online workshops and they come in from all around the world so the rebroadcasts which start as soon as the live show ends and continues until the new live show the next day serve people in different time zones.

If the workshop is particularly detailed (a lot of the software-related workshops have way too much content to remember on one or two viewings) I buy the video download which comes at high resolution plus low resolution of IPad viewing.

So far I’ve bought four workshop downloads. So I’ve spent around $400 on videos! But remember these downloads are lightly edited full workshops that are hours and hours of content. Even better the workshops are conducted by the best photographers, teachers, graphic artists in the business. Some of these top people charge hundreds even thousands of dollars for their workshops so I’m quite happy to spend $75-$99 for these videos.

One of the big problems with is it’s too good! I’m looking at buying at least one more video download (advanced Photoshop CS6) at the end of this month.

I’m going to have to set a budget for videos for 2013.

Highly recommended. This is the best online training I’ve ever seen and the presenters are amazingly talented and inspirational teachers.


1 thought on “ Rebroadcast

  1. Hey Peter,
    I saw your post and I thought,yeah!the man knows what he’s talking about!:) thank you for your review!I am new to CreativeLive, so I have a question, if I purchase Lara’s workshop, how long do I have access to it? I loved it, she’s so adorable and I am not too proficient in Photoshop, just basics, but I get everything she’s saying and I find it’s the best way to learn is to watch someone, books are sooo boring when it comes to instruction on Photoshop…well…for me ;D thank you for your time 😉 Julija

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