Camera Basics 101

You’re going to hate me for this but the first thing I am going to recommend when it comes to your digital camera is go read the manual. BTW many manuals are available online for free download.

Okay. Okay. Trust me I know that most manuals were written in Japanese by techie geeks and then translated into something that approximates English.

Having said that for most DSLRs and some high-end point and shoots there are “how to” books on your camera written by real North American photographers. The help you can get from these types of books is tremendous and can help answer many of the questions we’re going to talk about here in less depth.

Most questions about your camera and how it works can be found by asking the question on Google.

But however you go about it, don’t despair. Almost all of us have struggled to understand our complicated digital cameras. It’s not like the old days when a camera had an aperture and shutter control built into the lens itself. The early cameras didn’t even have a viewfinder but used a metal frame to indicate the shooting area.

Now we have auto focus, multi-modes, changeable focusing spots and sensitive sensors.

But we are also getting really inexpensive equipment that is capable of taking the best images ever shot.

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