Camera Basics – Reset

Almost every digital camera has a way to reset its controls back to factory specifications.

Go to your manual (Oh that again!) and find out how to reset your camera.

Resetting your camera won’t affect the images on your memory card. We will cover formatting the card or deleting images from the card in a future post.

I reset my cameras before every photo shoot. When I reset the cameras it gets rid of all the special instructions and changes to controls I may have made during my last photo shoot. Even if that shoot was yesterday, I still reset the cameras so I can start working without having to remember what I did last time.

Resetting your camera controls usually brings all controls back to an optimum setting. One of the exceptions is the Nikon system which in the case of my D-300 and D-90 sets the camera to shoot Large JPGs of “normal” quality. This is the perfect setting if you want to shoot ready to view images for web use (like Facebook or email) or to make prints up to around 8 X 10″ (depending on the size of your sensor and how many megapixels it captures).

But if you want to edit your images in software such as Lightroom or Photoshop then most likely you’ll want to be shooting in raw format. (We’ll cover why to shoot raw and JPG format soon.)

Even if you just want to shoot JPGs in the Nikon system you can set your cameras to one higher level and that’s large JPG fine. (Again refer to your manual.)

And one final word on manuals. Don’t expect to learn how to become a better photographer reading your camera manual. The manual is just a reference to help you find and use the controls in your camera.

There are tons of videos online and books at the bookstore that will help you understand photography. One of my favourites is Scott Kelby’s series of four basic how-to books that show you the image and then explain in simple language how to get it. No technical stuff just great information. BTW Kelby also has an online school of photography.

I do teach small groups and individuals so if you’re in the Greater Toronto Area we can create a custom class to meet your needs. I also give workshops to camera clubs so if you need a speaker for your meeting let me know and we can discuss pricing.

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