How To Take RADICALLY Better Photos

Here’s how to become a better photographer right away:

  • Put your camera on automatic or program mode. The camera manufacturer did a lot of work to make your camera work perfectly on auto mode. (We’ll use other modes later.)
  • Reset your camera and check that the auto focus switch (if there is one) on your DSLR lens is set in auto mode and your memory card is empty.
  • Get a lot closer to whatever or whomever you’re shooting (Closer than you think comfortable!).
  • Frame the image way tighter than you think you should. (This cuts down on distracting backgrounds.)
  • Check the background for any distracting stuff. (Buddy of mine says there’s a garbage can in every photo so look for it and eliminate clutter.)
  • Get eye-to-eye with your subject. Get down to the baby’s level to get great baby shots.
  • If your flash pops up go to program mode and push the flash back down (We’re not ready for flash.) and shoot available light.
  • Shoot with the available light coming from over your shoulder or angled from the side. Do not shoot into the light.
  • Shoot a lot as often as you can.
  • Review your images. Learn from your successes 🙂

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