Black Friday Sales

American Thanksgiving gives way to Black Friday and now the annual shopping day blitz has hit Canada.

So if you’re interested in purchasing a new lens or flash or maybe a camera bag tomorrow might be a great day to checkout online or retail stores.

Vistek I see has a Black Friday sale that starts online at midnight. Henry’s Cameras isn’t showing anything but they often have very good pricing.

It works like this: Most cameras you might get 5 or 10 per cent off if you deal really hard. But that’s peanuts compared to accessories where the markup is much greater.

If you’re negotiating a new camera you can get a couple of memory cards thrown into the deal (get big fast ones) and as much as  50 per cent off a decent bag.

Canon Cameras is famous for bundling mid- to high-end printers if you buy a Canon DSLR and some of these deals are terrific.

You can also buy from American online retailers like Adorama but if you have issues the equipment likely won’t be serviced in Canada.

Remember this: your next camera is an investment in lenses! Bodies come and go. Improvements get added and costs do come down over time and there is never really is a deal when it comes to camera equipment.

You buy one or two bodies today and sell them in five years to buy something better. But the lenses never go out of date.

Always buy the best camera you can afford and it will continue to be a joy for many many years. The pain of the price will fade 🙂



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