Backup Or Else!

Back in the good old days of film, the negative strip that you got back from the drug store’s film developer was your backup. If you lost or damaged your prints you could always print more if you had kept your negatives. I’ve got boxes of negatives sitting in the basement and if I ever wanted to make prints from them it would not be much of an issue.

Today we are shooting digital images. The images are initially stored in the camera on the memory card. Then the images are downloaded to your computer software where they are again stored in a folder on your hard drive. Once the images get stored on the computer, most people format the memory card in their camera thus erasing the original images thinking that since there are exact duplicates in their computer they don’t need a second copy.10155404

But the second copy is crucial to keeping your images safe. It makes no economic sense to keep them on the camera’s memory card and it makes no sense from a safety point of view to keep two copies on the same computer hard drive.

So if you want to keep your original images safe you need to store them in two separate places. The hard drive on your computer is one place and you need to keep a duplicate copy of the images on a second external hard drive or on a DVD that you burn or even uploading to an online storage service.

It doesn’t matter so much which two (0r three) places you store your images as it matters that you’ve actually taken the time to store the images in two places.

The safest way to keep your memories is to print out the images you treasure and put them in an album. That’s just what we used to do with our film prints too.

Here’s an article from C/NET on digital storage basics which is pretty comprehensive.

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