New Photo Classes In Oakville

I’m putting together a list of names of people interest in taking a beginner’s photography class on Wednesday, Feb. 20 with the likely venue being Paradiso Restaurant on Lakeshore in downtown Oakville. Depending on the turnout we could do a second follow-up class the next Wednesday.

I’ll be teaching along with my professional shooting partner Mike Cauterman.

In the first class we’ll show students how to radically better images from their digital camera regardless of whether it’s a point-and-shoot or full-frame DSLR.

We’ll cover how to better compose, expose and exhibit your images. We’ll recommend equipment and talk about what you do and don’t need when it comes to vacation or wedding photography for amateurs and even pros.

Everything will be hands on so bring your camera. If you’re interested, let me know right away so we can book the space. (

The second class we’ll show you how to professional quality images using your aperture, shutter speed and program modes as well we’ll talk about some other advanced topics but always using easy-to-understand, plain-language terms. You’ll never get lost or overwhelmed taking one of our classes.

As many of you know, I taught photography for several years for one of Canada’s top photography retailers so you’re going to get the benefit of learning about how to shoot better in an intimate and friendly setting.

Again let me know if you’d be interested in taking both classes and I’ll forward you the registration information.


1 thought on “New Photo Classes In Oakville

  1. Hi Peter, i saw this on Donnas P facebook, i have a point & shoot camera. I would be interested but since i have point & shoot not sure if the second class applies to me.
    Please send me the info
    Shawn Macpherson

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