Why We Watch Webinars

I’ve spent the last two days watching family portrait photographer Michele Celentano photographing a family of nine!

Why would a professional like myself take two days to watch someone else teach family photography?

Because even a pro can learn something new.

Celentano is a classical photographer in the mode of Monty Zucker and she’s terrific.

If you want to learn how to shoot portraits and especially family portraits you can buy the three-day workshop downloads from Creativelive.com for a special $99 until tomorrow when the regular price of $149 goes back into effect.

BTW if you’ve got Lightroom or Photoshop or Aperture NIK is offering its entire gallery of external editors including Colour Efex Pro, HDR Pro, Silver Efex Pro and Viveza plus its sharpening and noise reduction software for a special $149 price. The whole editing package sells for well over $500 so this is a deal from Google which recently bought NIK.


Why We Shoot Photos

If you’re interested in being the best photographer you can possibly be then you must read this piece by Finnish photographer Arno Rafael Minkkinen that appears vands_04on the blog PetaPixel. (That’s one of Minkkinen’s amazing images.)

The article is a from a lecture he gave to the graduating class of 2006 at the New England School of Photography in Boston, MA.


Minkkinen lives in the United States and is the Nancy Donahue Professor of Art at the University of Massachusetts Lowell.

Here’s a link to his website.┬áThis man is a master of the art.