Lightroom 101 FREE

If you scurry on over to you can watch Jared Platt do his three-day Lightroom 101 workshop for FREE!

The course downloads are available for $99 during the three-day course and I highly recommend you do so.

I bought Jared’s last Lightroom course from and it was fabulous.


My Brain Is Fried!

Vanessa Joy and Rob Adams are teaching Final Cut Pro X on and we’re entering day two of a three-day workshop and already my brain is exploding.

Final Cut Pro X is Apple’s new professional level video editing software and it’s the future of video editing. Having said that, FCP-X is so different from other more traditional video editors that it’s impossible to just jump into the program and expect it to work. offers workshops like this one for free if you watch it live online. But there’s also a deal for buying the video downloads of the workshop for a cut price during the three-day workshop itself.

If you’re interested in FCP-X, I can’t recommend this workshop enough.