How Good Is Lightroom 5?

It’s fabulous!images

How fabulous? Well you can do very high-end professional digital editing of raw files by cropping and clicking two buttons! (auto exposure and auto white balance) or you can use any number of free presets that are floating around online.

This thanks to Jack Davis who recently taught a great course at on Lightroom 5, my Lightroom 5 image processing is super fast and super good.

Lightroom 5 is a stand-alone $150 (cheap) professional photo editor and database. For pro-level photographers or advanced amateurs who are shooting raw images LR5 is ideal.

Unlike Photoshop (used to sell for $800) which you can get now only on a monthly subscription from Adobe (which at $50 for all Adobe products is a steal if you’re running a pro-level photo company) LR 5 has no additional expenses.

No additional expenses that is unless you want to add external editing software such as NIK’s complete set (which I own) or OnOne’s software or Alien Skin. There’s others as well but you don’t absolutely must have them but these external editors sure can create some amazing images (Silver Efex Pro and HDR Pro from NIK I’d still consider essentials no matter what.)

Anyway I highly recommend LR 5 and now I’ll get back to my editing a special event I shot over the weekend🙂

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