HDR Done Right

Most the HDR which stands for high-dynamic range is atrocious. Overly bright, no content worth watching, HDR photography too often calls attention to itself and not the image.

So where to go it you want to see HDR done right?xBurning-Man-Day-1,P20,P281006,P20of,P201210,P29-X3.jpg.pagespeed.ic.AsYbT53j2a

Trey Ratcliff is Mr. HDR. He’s been training people online and in person on how to shoot three to five frames on manual or aperture priority (so the shutter speed changes in each image and not the depth of field) using a tripod (You can do hand held in daylight.) to create fabulous images.

How fabulous? (That’s a Trey Radcliff image on right. Isn’t it great?)

The image shown here is one of Trey’s from his most recent slideshow from Burning Man 2013. (See the SmugMug site which has a full-scale slide show tab to get the full effect.)

This is Trey’s four time at the annual collection (50,000 people showed up this year) of artists and creative types in the Nevada Desert.

You might be surprised to learn that Trey shot the whole slide show with a Sony NEX-7! I point this out because most folks who read this column will be shooting with a DSLR and wonder if the mirrorless Sony could do the job.xi-4VCZhph-S.jpg.pagespeed.ic.zV-4DLgLx4

For the most part, any camera that will allow HDR autobracketing or has a manual control and a tripod socket can be coached into doing HDR shots. However, when it comes to B-I-G prints in HDR nothing works better than lots of megapixels but lots of megapixels often means lots of camera.

The NEX-7 bangs out lots of megapixels in a hand-holdable (almost pocketable) small camera body. This is one of the reasons I went to Olympus Pens for my travel camera system after hiking my Nikon across Brazil. Won’t do that again!

BTW Trey has a newsletter which is very good. Here’s a link. Try shooting HDR. I think you’ll love it.

BTW I use NIK’s HDR Pro for my post processing.




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