Count Your Blessings – The Healing Power of Photography

Don’t watch this video by the amazing Hailey Bartholomew.

If you don’t cry your eyes out, consider that there might be something serious wrong with you.haileybartholomew

I fell in love with Hailey after she did a photography course. She’s the anti-me when it comes to photography. Where I, as an ageing former news photographer, tend to be overly aggressive and driven in my work, Hailey is everything I’m not including a true video and still photography artist. She’s gentle, intelligent and a philosopher. Me? Not so much!

One of Hailey’s new endeavours is called 365 Grateful and it’s the secret to how to be happy. It’s true. It works.

This is the true power of photography and with Hailey we are in the presence of a living master.

Now go out and shoot something! Feed your creative spirit.


Why Switch To Canon?

No not me (not yet) but Scott Kelby, world-famous football shooter and principal at Kelby Training has switched from Nikon to Canon.

This is big news in the Canon-Nikon never-ending debate.d800_mbd12_front34l

I’ve shot with Canons and I always liked the results especially when it came to how warm the image looked right out of the camera.

I’ve shot Nikons since the mid-70s and I’ve never had reason to change but if you’re shooting pro-level sports and you don’t have a big investment in Nikon you might want to consider a Canon.

Now having said that I do know that even recently some pro shooters who shoot with fast lenses opened wide say the Canon has problems finding a precise focus and I’ve never had this issue with Nikon so beware and be happy. Either of theses manufacturer’s top end cameras are state of the art.