Why Switch To Canon?

No not me (not yet) but Scott Kelby, world-famous football shooter and principal at Kelby Training has switched from Nikon to Canon.

This is big news in the Canon-Nikon never-ending debate.d800_mbd12_front34l

I’ve shot with Canons and I always liked the results especially when it came to how warm the image looked right out of the camera.

I’ve shot Nikons since the mid-70s and I’ve never had reason to change but if you’re shooting pro-level sports and you don’t have a big investment in Nikon you might want to consider a Canon.

Now having said that I do know that even recently some pro shooters who shoot with fast lenses opened wide say the Canon has problems finding a precise focus and I’ve never had this issue with Nikon so beware and be happy. Either of theses manufacturer’s top end cameras are state of the art.


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