HDR Video

Trey Ratcliff is Mr. HDR and has been shooting and promoting HDR photography for years now.

HDR or high dynamic range allows the digital photographer to create amazing full-range images. dsc0039_hdr1

That’s one of my HDR shots taken a few years ago at a weekend workshop on HDR.)

HDR compensates for the fact that the best digital cameras can only capture a limited number (You’ll hear instructors say anything from 3 to 13 or 14.) stops of light. But that’s a fraction of what the human eye can see. When I teach dynamic range I hold my arms straight out from my body when I describe the range of light the human eye can see  and then as I talk about the limited number the camera sees I move my arms so that my hands are straight out in front of me and about a foot apart. This visual indication gives students the idea that their camera doesn’t see as much as their eyes.

So when it comes to photography often the dynamic range in the photo exceeds by a wide margin the ability of the camera to record the image.HDR photography allows the photographer to capture three or more images and merge them into a final photo that has a greatly enhanced dynamic range.

Of course most of what we see online when it comes to HDR photography is way over the top and becomes pretty boring after the first few images. But HDR in the hands of a photographic artist can be very subtle and very very pretty.

So getting back to Trey, he’s got a 40-minute introduction to his HDR how-to video. The intro video is complete enough to give advanced amateurs some great ideas in how to use HDR. But if you’re new to digital photography his full-length video might be the way to go but at $99 it’s not cheap but it is complete.

BTW Trey is an expert in HDR and uses all the tools including Photoshop. There are much simpler HDR stand-alone editors out there. I use Lightroom and NIK’s amazing HDR Pro with with its presets make HDR easy.

You can learn HDR on your own or find lots of how-to videos online. But if you want instruction from the master (who BTW lives in New Zealand and his images are amazing) then Trey’s video might be just the ticket to amazing images.


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