Tamron 18-270mm Lens

It’s been about 40 years since I bought a non-Nikon lens so why did I buy a Tamron super zoom?

$365 at Henry’s, that’s why! It’s on a special sale price right now.tamron.jpb_g

Sure you can buy the Nikon 18-300mm (or the less expensive 18-200) for $1,000 but do you really want to?

Remember there’s also the 18-105 or 18-140 Nikon kit lenses if you want so more range than what’s available from the 18-55mm but why the Tamron?


Here’s what’s great about the Tamron 18-270…$365 and it works plus it’s very light.

A super zoom works perfectly well for what I want to use it for which is the World Gay Pride Day parade coming up at the end of the month and the Toronto Zombie Walk in October. Hundreds of thousands of people (estimates go as high as a million plus) will line the Gay Pride parade route (which closes downtown Toronto to vehicular traffic). This means for photography you’ve got to show up about two hours early to get a place along the roadside and once the parade is over the crowd walks into the gay area of Toronto so you’re going to be carrying your equipment around for five or six hours on what is often a very very hot day. You don’t want to be carrying around a ton of equipment.

Because I’m likely to be shooting very fast, the Olympus cameras that I own aren’t ideal but the Nikons are. You can shoot all day long as much and as fast as you want with the Nikons. The Olympus cameras are way better for shooting vacation shots when you’re carrying your equipment wherever you go but they aren’t as robust as the Nikons.untitled-2

There are lots of super zooms for sale these days. Sigma has a couple as does Nikon so why the Tamron? Well you know the answer when it comes to price and for outdoor special events it’s perfect.

But it’s not good at all for shooting indoors so I wouldn’t want to shoot a wedding with it unless I used the Tamron for the outdoor shots and my 35/50/85 f/1.8 combination along with my 12-24 f/4 and 17-55mm f/2.8 (which is one heavy sucker and not a lot of fun to carry for hours at a time) for the indoor stuff. Even if you paired the Tamron with a flash, it’s still not an ideal indoor setup.

The Tamron does have some macro capabilities but I already own the amazing Nikon 105 macro which you can pry from my cold, dead hands so macro isn’t an issue for me. Nevertheless the shot of the flowers in a hanging basket in shade turned out pretty well.

One thing I really like about the Tamron aside from price is the stabilization system. I’ve never found the Nikon stabilizer to be particularly wonderful but the Tamron worked well enough to get sharp shots of the cat at less than a 1/30th of a second (and no I’m not posting bad cat shots). The second thing that really delighted me was Lightroom 5 already has a corrective lens profile built-in for the Tamron 18-270.. It’s really impressive to watch Lightroom compensate for the distortion inherent in this super zoom.

So if you want a do-it-all lens be advised there is no such thing but for outdoor special event shooting any 18-200-plus super zoom is going to be a joy (with more joy shooting with the lighter lenses over longer times) but really folks $365. Insanely cheap and wonderfully useful (if you know what you’re doing).





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