Algonquin Park Splendour

My two-day trip to Algonquin Park and neighbouring places was a great success. _DSC7935

I loaded up the car with enough food for two days and a thermos of coffee for the two and a half hour drive from Oakville to Huntsville. I brought both my Nikon system (two cameras and a bunch of lenses) and my much smaller Olympus system (three bodies and another bunch of lenses) and I used both over the two days.

Either system would be fine for this type of shooting. The Nikons do bracketing for HDR shooting effortlessly. The Olympus cameras shoot amazing JPGs especially when using the built-in art filters.

I used Lightroom and a whole bunch of presets (Seim Filters) to process the RAW NEFs out of the Nikon. And yes the images are pretty bright. I like bright. _DSC8100 _DSC7913

All of my edited images are on view at Peter West Photo.


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