Scott Kelby Is My New Hero

I attended the day-long Photoshop Creativity Tour this week at the Toronto Convention Centre and in a word it was EXCELLENT! First of all the instructor Ben Willmore was amazing. (He always is: A great Photoshop and Lightroom instructor.)BenMug200x200 I’ve watched (and bought his videos) from his work on which I also highly recommend.

But sitting in front of a computer for a three-day free workshop with video downloads at a discount price (usually around $99) during the event and available at a little higher cost (usually $150 or so) after the event isn’t for everybody.

Watching Ben do his Photoshop magic in person along with about 800 of my newest closest friends was terrific.

Even better it costs less than nothing! Yes I know there’s a ticket price of $99 but here’s what you get:

  1. A first-class perfectly well-run day-long workshop
  2. A professional instructor who generously gives of his time during breaks and lunch (almost unheard of)
  3. A 90-page workbook that is filled with tips and information on Photoshop
  4. You can also get a free copy of Photoshop User Magazine
  5. A great bunch of draw prizes including a ticket to the Los Vegas wedding show ($600 value)
  6. A decent venue in the Toronto Convention Centre (easily assessable to GO Train and subway)
  7. And when you get home, in your package is a two-course set of videos valued at $49 each
  8. So when you add it all up $99 for the course ($10 off if you register at least 10 days before the course) minus $99 in free video courses (on Mastering Curves) = zero cost…well actually you’re up $10!

What would I suggest? (Scott Kelby brochure)

  1. When the Scott Kelby tour comes back to Toronto (or a city near you) get a ticket online
  2. Get there early (doors open at 9am) to get a great seat (although there is no bad seating)
  3. Bring a pen
  4. Talk to your fellow participants as there are some pretty interesting photographers in the audience
  5. Bring a lunch and coffee (it’s a long, long walk to the nearest food outlet on Front Street)

So how does Scott Kelby make any money? He has designed and marketed an extremely popular online training program. There are hundreds of courses conducted by top-notch instructors like Ben Willmore. 

The annual membership is an investment in your enjoyment of photography and at the Toronto tour date photographers lined up at every break and lunch to buy a membership. At $250/year it’s an investment for you but if 200 people bought memberships, we’ll you do the math, this is a pretty good day for Scott Kelby too.

Should you buy a membership?

It depends. If you want to learn photography and Photoshop or Lightroom you might want to consider the membership. It’s a lot of value and information but you must commit yourself to watching the videos and practicing the lessons.

When you compare the annual cost of Kelby training membership to the cost of let’s say joining a health club for a year or going out to an expensive restaurant with another couple (add wine and a dessert) it’s obviously a great deal if you’re going to use it. Guess it’s the same with the health club.

Which reminds me, I got to go workout.


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