Toronto Boudoir Workshop

So how do you get ready for a boudoir workshop?

Jen Rozenbaum’s Boudoir Workshop is coming to the very trendy Gladstone Hotel (this is a Heny’s Cameras sponsored day-long class) this Saturday and I’m registered. Good thing too as the workshop is sold out!

So how does this work that a 66-year-old (in a couple of weeks) geezer gets to go to a boudoir workshop?

First I ask my wife for permission 🙂396962-heidi_klum_picture_2

You see we have a deal. If Heidi Klum will agree to go out with me on a date, I’ve got a pass to go. Anyone else, not so sure!

Plus and I know this will come as a shock to some but I am really more interested in learning something new than shooting relatively younger women in their underwear. Besides I’ve been shooting professional and amateur models since the 70s when the newspaper I worked for had a “Girl Friday” feature. It was a different era. After a while it actually loses its luster. Honest.

Anyway boudoir isn’t what you think.

It’s actually one of the hardest styles of photography to approach let alone master. Often your client is someone who is somewhat insecure about how they look. In that, they’re not alone. Most of us wouldn’t be too comfortable having a stranger shoot us wearing a parka let alone much, much less.

They’re usually not a professional model but someone who wants some images for their bedroom walls that are provocative while still mainly family rated.

So the objective of the boudoir photographer is to photograph someone who isn’t too sure about the whole idea (even if they are the client and asked for the work to be done) in a situation where there isn’t any room for error when it comes to composition, posing, lighting and mood.

How do you like it so far?

As the photographer, it’s your job to help your client relax and even enjoy the experience. You’ve got to find ways to shoot your client in a manner which minimizes issues and emphasizes attributes.

Boy if somebody could do that for me, I’d be eternally grateful. My best shot is from a distance of me walking away from the camera 🙂 In boudoir photography you don’t have that option. Usually you’re back is to the wall of a smallish bedroom setup with lights and assistant and your client posing on a bed trusting that you know what you’re doing.

From a lot of the boudoir photography I’ve seen online, a lot of boudoir photographers haven’t got a clue. And then there are those who do and regardless of the size, shape and appearance of their subject the photo makes the subject (sometimes it is a man) look fabulous and happy and relaxed in their own skin.

Wouldn’t it be great if we all felt that way about ourselves?

So how to prepared for a boudoir workshop?

First clean all your cameras and their sensors. If you don’t know how Google YouTube and read your manual. Second pick your lenses and clean them too. You don’t want to be spotting your images just because you got lazy.

Pick your lenses for the job at hand.

I’m taking my 35, 50 and 85mm lenses which are all fast primes at f/1.8. This is so I can shoot at a fast enough shutter speed so as not to get camera shake in what might be challenging natural light conditions. I’m also taking my 105 f/2.5 macro, a 14-24 wide zoom and a fast f/2.8 17-55 mm main lens plus two SB-900 flashes and a tripod.

Just for fun I’m throwing in my Olympus Pen bag with an EPL-5 (which creates images as good as my D-300) and fast 12, 18 and 40mm primes plus an external flash which can be controlled off camera. I doubt I’ll have time to be able to use it but who knows. It makes the pros laugh hysterically when I bring it out but  funny enough the laughter stops when I put the images up on my SmugMug gallery.

I hear Olympus is bringing out a new high-end camera body in the spring so who knows 🙂

Anyway report to follow after Saturday. And if Heidi calls tell her I’m booked for the weekend 😦


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