The Westcott IceLight

Here’s why I want a Westcott IceLight.

Aside from the $499 price tag, there’s no reason not to buy a Westcott IceLight.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

It’s a daylight balanced Jedi Light Sword for photographers that puts a perfect light on individual subjects.

We used one at Jennifer Rozenbaum’s fabulous boudoir workshop which was held in the very trendy boutique Gladstone Hotel.

The IceLight is perfect for shooting boudoir in your client’s homes where there’s either not enough room to setup a flash or monolight on a stand or else you just don’t want to carry al that equipment.

A lot of boudoir shooting takes advantage of natural light coming into the bedroom window but for shooting later in the day when the light is fading this is the way to go.


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