How To Edit 600 Boudoir Images

First thing is to reduce the number from 600 down to something manageable like 50 shots. That’s easy to do in most editing software.PB180222-Edit-2_DSC8966-Edit

Then since you shot in raw format (You did shoot raw didn’t you? If not you’ve severely limited your ability to edit your images beyond simple cropping and brightening or darkening) you can really let your creative juices flow.

In Lightroom not only can you edit your raw images directly but there are a ton of presets and external editors that can help with the job.

Since I’ve already edited some of the images from Jen Rosenbaum’s wonderful boudoir workshop held in Toronto at the Gladstone Hotel last weekend straight up I thought I’d spend the day (about six hours) editing the images in a variety of editors._DSC8887

BTW as I’ve said I highly recommend Jen’s boudoir workshop. Jen teaches everything you need to know about posing the client (or in this case two wonderfully brave, warm and professional models Sarah and Esther) in a couple of hours and then it’s shooting time.

Jen shoots a couple of images to show students what to do and then let’s them loose as she comments on setups and helps student correct what they’re doing.

This is how a workshop should be run. BTW I also recommend purchasing Jen’s Posing Vol 1 (bet that means there’s a Vol. 2 on the way) if you’re considering shooting boudoir as a professional. Heck buy it just for the information on posing as it will make you a much better photographer.

Now some folks might disagree with my own interpretations but I am not selling these images to a client. I’ve created images in ways that I find creative and interesting.

A few of my edited images are posted on my SmugMug gallery here.


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