The Creative At Work

Kevin Patrick Robbins (that’s him in the photo) thinks of himself as a “creative”.photographer-Kevin-Patrick-Robbins

It’s just very convenient for the rest of us that he expresses his creativity by shooting photos. And it was these photos that he brought with him last night to the Oakville Camera Club.

The Oakville Camera Club is a very very neat camera club. They get 75 to 100 people out to meetings! Many camera clubs would be envious to get that many people out in a year but the Oakville club does it every two weeks.

The OCC isn’t a club of pros even though they’ve got a smattering of pro shooters, the vast majority fall into two camps. One is advanced amateur (and some of these folks shoot better than the pros) and new amateur photographers (who are eager to learn how to take better vacation pictures or shots of the Christmas tree).

This huge diversity of talent means there’s something here for everyone regardless of how new or old (that’s me) are in photography.frontpage

To get back to our presenter Kevin Robbins is no equipment junkie. He shoots with a Canon 6D which is Canon’s entry class camera in the full-frame world. Kevin tends to shoot a lot with a $200 50 mm lens and does own the very expensive Canon 70-200 f/2.8 zoom which he finds shoots soft images. (Zooms will always shoot soft when compared to prime lenses.)

His no-name lighting kit he got off the Internet for under $500 and mostly he uses a 48′ Westcott softbox and those cheap Internet monolights.

So it’s not his equipment that makes the difference. It’s the fact that he’s a “creative” that does it. Kevin solves IMG_0407communications problems for his clients who range from magazine editors to business people and even politicians.

We were very lucky to have spent a night in the company of this very new (He’s been a pro for less than two years) but very creative photographer.

If you’re near Oakville and you love photography why not join us? And if you’re not near Oakville, go support your local club.

It’s a great night out when you can get guest presenters like Kevin. Go check out his site.


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