PodCamp Photo Tips – Post Online

At PodCamp Toronto (morning campers) 2015 I did a 45-minute workshop on how to get better images with your camera (including IPhone and other smart phone cameras) and I promised to add commentary here for each tip.P2170027

This morning it’s about posting your images online. (That’s a shot from PodCamp.)

Posting your images online isn’t much different than how we used to shoot a roll of film and a week later get back the developed prints from our local drug store.

By posting your images you’re sharing your joy of photography with your friends and everybody else (depending on how you set your privacy settings) on Facebook or on your blog or on your own online gallery.i-wVRscDq-X2

The photo gallery site Flickr offers one terabyte (which is huge) of free space for you to post your photos. I’ve setup Flickr sites for myself and for my Toastmaster Club and Amateur Radio Club.

I’ve also got a professional SmugMug site for clients that costs about $60 a year.

One of the advantages of uploading your images to an online site is you can get the images off your smart phone or tablet with its limited storage capacity and they remain available to you from anywhere there’s WiFi.

One of the disadvantages is if the online site goes out of business there’s a real good chance your images will disappear. (Burn a DVD of your collected images to keep them safe or add them to your home computer or an external hard drive (I’ve got two under the computer desk.)

There are tons of other photo sharing sites like 500PX (Caution re: Adult Content) and special interest groups. Have fun and share your art!


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