Editing Your Images

Here’s my third post resulting from PodCamp Toronto 2015.Peter West Photo-1-273-L

Today’s topic is all about editing your images.

When I get shooting some special event I can easily shoot several thousand images. That’s a lot of space on my memory card or smartphone or tablet.

(The photo is from the Toronto Zombie Walk and not PodCamp!)

I need to get some or all of those images into long-time storage to clean up my device or memory card. With the highly anticipated arrival of the new Mac Photos software and with most other photo editors there’s an option to save your images in the “cloud”.

The “cloud” is a marketing buzzword for online storage. For causal shooters you’ll get enough cloud space for free to last forever. For guys like me, I normally have to buy some extra space.

DropBox (which is very cool) also allows for online storage. My Toastmaster club has a private DropBox folder where we share videos of the weekly speeches that are given at club meetings.

Okay so you decide to upload your images to an online (and you can use your computer’s hard drive or a cheap external hard drive — one-terabyte – huge – hard drives are going for less than $75) and you can upload them all or just some of them.

If you take time to pick your better shots, you’ll save a lot of time and space just saving these images and deleting the rest. Now I store everything on my external hard drives but I only show my “picks” to friends.Peter West Photo-1-222-XL

I’ve got an online gallery at Flickr (which is my public gallery and it’s free) and another for my commercial clients on SmugMug ($60/year) and only my picks end up on these sites.

What this means is when people come to look at my images, they only see my good to very good ones. This creates the impression that I’m a much better photographer than I really am. 🙂

Trust me here: Nobody sees my bad shots…ever!


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