I Lied

I want to thank everyone in the Oakville Camera Club who turned out last night in -25 C cold to listen to Advanced Lightroom.cropped-pb180070-edit1.jpg

The students liked my images from the recent boudoir workshop I attended in Toronto.

This morning I was very gratified to receive so many emails this morning expressing how much you enjoyed the workshop. That’s really great as presenters often never hear a thing from their audience and last night’s workshop seems to have hit a chord.

But, I lied!

It’s true. I’ve been watching Creative.live.com as this is Photoshop Week with two simultaneous streaming online channels of classes. It was Jared Platt’s class on Lightroom where he said that Lightroom creates small raw files when you’re using Smart Previews.

I said last night that Smart Previews were large JPG images but it seems I was wrong – they’re small raw files. Smart Previews allow you to edit these small raw preview images off line on your laptop.

Smart Preview are also used in Lightroom Mobile which allows Lightroom to share images for editing on mobile devices. Very cool.


One thought on “I Lied

  1. It seems you lied to us again Peter. I recall you saying that you don’t use Adobe’s universal raw DNG file format but Smart Previews are actually DNG files! I verified this using Google. 🙂

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