How To Look Like A Pro

Online nobody can tell if you’re a dog went an old joke about the Internet.

The something applies to your photography.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

At PodCamp Toronto I told the campers who took my “101 Tips To Get Radically Better Photos” that the easiest way to be seen by others to be a good photographer is to only show your good shots online.

So I recommended they only post their good images on Facebook or Twitter or their blog or website.

By doing this one thing, people who come to your site will think you’re a pretty good photographer. Trust me folks, nobody sees my bad shots.

But what if you want to garner a reputation as top-notch photographer. Maybe you’re thinking of going professional or at the least want people to think you’re as good a shooter as a pro.

Then the tip I offered to the campers was this: If you want to be seen as a pro, only show your very best images online.

Most professionals who have online galleries only show photos which enhance their reputations and they only show photos which are in their form of photography. For example, portrait photographers only show portrait images on their professional site. Sure they can upload party shots or the vacation shots to their non-pro Flickr account for their family and friends but their pro shots only go to their pro-level gallery.

Even if you’re just adding shots to your Facebook page only post your best shots that reflect what you do. For example, if you’re a yoga instructor post images of you instructing students. Yes you can add images of healthy topics but avoid firing up the shots of the kids on vacation. Yes those shots are cute but they don’t necessarily enhance your reputation as a yoga instructor.Peter West Photo-1-578-X3

I shoot mainly special events and my galleries scream “Special Event Photographer” but a buddy of mine is talking about shooting weddings and if we go ahead with this plan then I will be creating a wedding-only professional website and blog to promote myself as a wedding photographer.

My wedding clients are never going to see my Toronto Zombie Walk shots on the wedding site or on my company Facebook page. Although maybe it might create a new trend……


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