I Did It Again!

Lying that is.

I’ve been getting a lot of unsolicited emails thanking me for the Lightroom Advanced (for beginners) presentation i gave on Monday night on one of the coldest nights of the year when over 70 folks showed up at the Oakville Camera Club.

This is very gratifying and welcomed feedback and thanks so much everybody. I had a great time too.

But one of the more advanced members caught me in another error where I said I don’t use Adobe’s DNG format and he pointed out that Smart Previews (which I already screwed up the information about…see below) are actually DNG raw files.

This is so funny. LMAO!

This is how to really learn your stuff. Go teach it. And anything you don’t know (or worse guess at) will come back to bite you. And trust me I will never forget that Smart Previews are DNG raw files.

Thanks to Brian at the Oakville Club. I would never have known this and appreciate the feedback.


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