Problems With Canon Repairs?

Several weeks ago I found one of my Canon camcorders wasn’t recharging its internal batteries. Fortunately I had a second Canon camcorder which took the same batteries so I swapped out power supplies and suddenly both my Canon camcorders weren’t charging their batteries.41hTjI41eKL._SY300_

A closer inspection showed the Canon power supply has shorted out on the low voltage side of the power supply. Why a short in the power supply should damage both camcorders seemed a little strange but it is what it is.

Both camcorders work with charged batteries and both work with an 8.4-volt power supply (which isn’t shorting out) but the units should be charging batteries using the Canon suppled power supplies so I returned the units to Canon Canada’s authorized repair depot in Mississauga.

I was told on the first visit that the standard repair costs of $170/hour would apply and as the cameras (HF200 and HF M30) both of which are several years old and out of warranty don’t warrant this kind of expensive repair, I took the cameras home and emailed Canon.

The email reply I got suggested I return the units for an inspection.

Hoping this was an opportunity for Canon Canada to do the right thing I returned both units and two weeks later I got two emailed PDFs that each camera would cost $202.27 to repair.

I called Canon Repair and got essentially the same message. There was some accusation that as, according to Canon, the repair folks couldn’t determine whether or not the actual wall plug caused the issue. Of course this is nonsense as the wall plug works perfectly well with my other sensitive charging equipment. Can’t say I appreciated this approach by Canon.

Right now I’ve got a phone call into Canon Canada’s director of corporate communications and brand marketing Rajani Kamath to see is she can direct me to someone senior enough to make a valuable corporate decision and do the right thing by their customer (me).

As a former vice president of a national public relations firm I know I always wanted to hear from my client’s customers so we could get an opportunity to avoid unpleasant future issues with a customer’s complaint which could be easily resolved by someone with customer care at the forefront of their approach.


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