Look For The Garbage Can

One of the issues of not shooting in close is many photographers leave too much space in the background of their images. If they’re not really careful, in pops a garbage can.

This garbage can idea came from one of the other photography instructors who worked with me at Henry’s Camera’s School of Imaging. He said every photo has a garbage can somewhere and for the most part he was right.


In the photo above I used a white vignette affect to minimize a ton of distracting stuff that I couldn’t get rid of in the background. I think it worked out but there was a lot of “garbage cans” in this image.

Have a look at your own images. Were you so engaged with your subject that you missed the messy stuff in the background?

I do it all the time. I’m especially vulnerable to wall fixtures in hotel rooms which seem to magically grow out of the side of my subject’s head. Sure a trip to PhotoShop can fix this but if I had been a more observant photographer, I could avoid the post production work.


One thought on “Look For The Garbage Can

  1. On location photography always has these problems. I like to use a long lens low f stop when I can to avoid unwanted distractions in the back. It has become second nature for me to avid distracting objects from having to photoshop them out in the past lol. Great post thanks

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