Why You Should Join A Local Camera Club

If you join a local camera club you’ll be hanging out with other folks who care just as much as you do about photography.

If your club is any good (and my club the Oakville Camera Club is very good indeed) you’ll get opportunities to take workshops and participate in local walkabouts that will do so much to improve your photography skills.

One of the things a club does is invite speakers to talk about photography and last night the Oakville Camera Club had one of the best.


Boris Spremo was a long-time award-winning press photographer with Canada’s Globe and Mail and later the Toronto Star. A recipient of the Order of Canada and many, many photography awards, Boris regaled the full-house audience with a fabulous slide show and commentary on news photography as he lived it over the last 50 years.

A humble and gentle man, he sure can tell a story from everything from shooting photos of Pierre and Maggie Trudeau to getting arrested during the US invasion of Grenada. A man unafraid of heights, Boris shot the CN Tower from the ground to the service pinnacle and was granted access to other high up locations that most other news photographers just wouldn’t go.

Congratulations to Boris Spremo for a life well lived and to the Oakville Camera Club for attracting such a great speaker.


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