Light for Effect

I don’t often shoot with just an IPhone but at PodCamp Toronto 2015 I brought one of my cheap LCD movie lights with me._DSC8940-Edit

I was showing the campers how you could use a movie light or even a decent flashlight to illuminate portrait shots using smartphones or really any other camera.

The shot on the right of the model was taken at Jennifer Rosenbaum’s fabulous boudoir workshop (which BTW is coming back to Toronto in 2015 and if you want to learn how to pose and shoot people especially with a DSLR camera this is a terrific workshop).

The light coming from the left is an LCD Icelight by Westcott. Very expensive but daylight balanced which is what professional photographers will want when shooting.westcott-icelight

But you can do much the same with a super cheap LCD movie light that takes AA batteries and can be handheld.

I think I paid around $50 for mine online and the light is variable in intensity and you can even drop diffusion (makes the light softer) or colour filters in front of the LCDs for special effects. TRIOPO-TTV160-CN-160-LED-Video-Light-Lighting-for

By using a light off camera, you can create very professional looking images without a lot of cost using very simple cameras or cameras in smartphones.

BTW all the reddish lighting that is painting the walls and splashing on the model is created by add-on filters in Lightroom (one of the better photo editing software packages).

The effect may not be to everyone’s taste but I like it and when I am shooting for myself that’s all that counts.


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