Zombie Walk Is Dead

Peter West Photo-1-31-LSad news today with the announcement that the 2015 Zombie Walk in Toronto has been cancelled.2010 To. Zombie Walk (1 of 1)-5

Killed off by rising costs, lack of sponsorship and little support from the dead, the organizers have decided they just can’t keep digging the same old dirt.

_DSC4622bThis was one of the great photography events of the year in Toronto. Coming every October, the Toronto Zombie Walk could see well over 10,000 zombies taking a stroll around city streets.

It’s a great shame to see it fade into ashes but to all things there is a season – dust to dust and ashes to ashes.2010 To. Zombie Walk (1 of 1)-3

I’m going to miss it.Peter West Photo-1-181-L

Photos from previous years are available at Peter West Photography and my Flickr site.

All the photos are available for free download for any non-commercial purpose.

May our spirits meet again. RIP Toronto Zombie Walk.


The Olympus OM-D-E-M5-II

Oh wow. The OM-D-E-M5-II by Olympus is an amazing camera 🙂

It’s a little tiny in my hands so I’ve ordered the accessory battery pac and grip but having said that it’s an amazingly accomplished camera especially with the equally amazing 12-40mm F/2.8 professional-level lens.E-M5MarkII_BLK_right_top_M1240_BLK

If you’re considering buying a the M5-Mark II you might not want to watch some of the online videos from new buyers.

As a long-time Olympus digital camera owner I’m pretty happy with the camera system including the menus. Some other shooters find the menu system a huge frustration. It’s not. It could be improved but once you get used to how Olympus does things this is a pretty nice camera and a pretty nice system.

Now having said that it took me half an hour to get the wireless transfer system working between the camera and my IPhone and I’m not sure yet that I’ve got it working perfectly.

The funny thing is I’ve always bought my cameras by how they felt in my hands. My SONY DSCoriginal first “real” camera was a Pentax Spotmatic with screw-in lenses and the old workhorse was used almost daily and didn’t owe me a dime by the time I sold it. It was a delight to use.

All the Nikons I’ve bought over the years have always felt right and I can’t recommend them enough and, like I said, if I was shooting professionally and needed a couple of robust full-frame cameras I’d buy Nikons in a heartbeat.

But the Nikon days are gone and there’s a new camera in town. I’ll be spending the next few days with the camera in one hand and the manual in the other.

End Of The Nikon Era

I’ve been shooting with Nikons since the mid-70s when I owned a Nilkkormat.

I’ve owned Nikon F2s, FMs, FEs and most recently a D-90 and D-300 but as of last night, I’ve left the Nikon camp maybe forever!

Why you might ask?289068037_0f29592114

I’m not using the Nikons much anymore. For professional work, they are ideal but I don’t shoot much professionally anymore. A lot of what I shoot is either just for myself on vacation or for my various clubs and hobby groups.

So I don’t need the raw fire power of the Nikons anymore and, if there was a need to shoot pro-level work I’d buy a Nikon full-frame and a couple of lenses right away.

Some years ago after humping the Nikons and lenses through Brazil, when we got home I immediately went out an bought an Olympus EPL-2 with the kit lens and I was blown away with the image quality coming out of such a small (light!) camera.olympus-PEN-E-PL5-16

I chanced upon a sale of EPL-1 bodies for around $200 so I grabbed one.

Then I started to load up on lenses with the cheap but excellent 40 to 150 (80mm-300 mm – 35mm equivalent); the more expensive but equally excellent 9 to 18 suppressed zoom (18-36 mm); 17mm 2.8 (34mm); 12mm f/2 (24mm); and 45mm f/1.8 (90mm).

Finally I grabbed an EPL-5 which had as least the same image quality as my Nikon D-300 at a huge reduction in weight.

Images coming out of the Olympus cameras are insanely good in RAW or JPG formats.

So with a very large bundle of cash in hand thanks to the sale of the Nikons, I’m off this morning to look at the new Olympus OM-D 5 Mark II with the battery grip and maybe another lens.