End Of The Nikon Era

I’ve been shooting with Nikons since the mid-70s when I owned a Nilkkormat.

I’ve owned Nikon F2s, FMs, FEs and most recently a D-90 and D-300 but as of last night, I’ve left the Nikon camp maybe forever!

Why you might ask?289068037_0f29592114

I’m not using the Nikons much anymore. For professional work, they are ideal but I don’t shoot much professionally anymore. A lot of what I shoot is either just for myself on vacation or for my various clubs and hobby groups.

So I don’t need the raw fire power of the Nikons anymore and, if there was a need to shoot pro-level work I’d buy a Nikon full-frame and a couple of lenses right away.

Some years ago after humping the Nikons and lenses through Brazil, when we got home I immediately went out an bought an Olympus EPL-2 with the kit lens and I was blown away with the image quality coming out of such a small (light!) camera.olympus-PEN-E-PL5-16

I chanced upon a sale of EPL-1 bodies for around $200 so I grabbed one.

Then I started to load up on lenses with the cheap but excellent 40 to 150 (80mm-300 mm – 35mm equivalent); the more expensive but equally excellent 9 to 18 suppressed zoom (18-36 mm); 17mm 2.8 (34mm); 12mm f/2 (24mm); and 45mm f/1.8 (90mm).

Finally I grabbed an EPL-5 which had as least the same image quality as my Nikon D-300 at a huge reduction in weight.

Images coming out of the Olympus cameras are insanely good in RAW or JPG formats.

So with a very large bundle of cash in hand thanks to the sale of the Nikons, I’m off this morning to look at the new Olympus OM-D 5 Mark II with the battery grip and maybe another lens.


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