Shoot With The Pros

I’ve had a really good summer of shooting photos for myself and for my clients.

It’s always very gratifying when people give unsolicited positive comments on your work and the last few weeks have been pretty good for me 🙂

So how do you shoot to get better?

If you’re like me (and I’ve been shooting professionally since the mid-70s) you (a) shoot a lot and (b) you take lessons from people who are better than you are. _DSC0967

Perhaps strangely I’ve taken more lessons from more pros in the last 10 years of my shooting than the previous 30 years. (The shot here was done in HDR at the Rick Sammon workshop held at a wreaking yard near Guelph. Never done HDR before. Great workshop!)

Why? Because I wanted to get better! And not better at shooting for clients so much (so long as the cheque cashed I was happy) but for myself._DSC8668-1-Edit-2-1

Care in point was the boudoir workshop held here in Toronto a couple of years ago which was sponsored by Henry’s Cameras and featured New York shooter Jennifer Rosenbaum.

Jennifer is a young, talented professional who can actually teach what she knows. Not every pro who offers lessons can teach.

Here’s a link to a recent interview with Jennifer. Have a look at her interpretation of the shot of the girl on the couch. It’s the third shot down. Notice Jen has chosen to adjust the white balance towards a cooler, brighter and more neutral setting where I went warm and darker and added a frame. Jen picked the shot where the model looked at the camera and I like mine where she’s looking away. (That’s mine above.) This girl has enormous eyes and was a terrific model.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

A side note about boudoir photography! I’m not going to become a boudoir photographer. I’m two to three times older than the typical subject and it’s not where my main interest lies but I can’t complain when a workshop leader can help me shoot the shot above.

But having said that, boudoir photography will teach you more about posing the human body (especially bodies which are scantly clad to say the least) than you can get anywhere else. There’s some tips you need to know to help slim down even the slimmest body when it comes to photography sessions.

It’s not all about shooting skinny girls who suck their gut in. Some of the best boudoir photography features real women (and men) who the photography poses in flattering and provocative ways no matter what their body type. It’s a real art form and tough to get right.

At the Toronto workshop, once the girls (and at 20-ish they’re girls) got used to the fact that the 30 shooters or so (broken up into two groups) were way more interested in getting their camera exposure right and finding the right white balance than what the girls looked liked (this took about an hour) everybody got into having a great time.

BTW if you’re in the Oakville, Ontario area, the Oakville Camera Club is featuring Ren Bostelaar speaking about Urban Photography on Sept. 21 at 7 p.m. Ren helped organize the Jennifer Rosenbaum workshop here in Toronto.


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