Why We Shoot Photos

“It saved my life.”

That’s a quote from Canadian pro-shooter Renee Robyn who found a reason to live in photography following a near-death motorcycle accident.

Watch this video (Thanks to SmugMug) and some of the others that SmugMug has shot if you’re needing a little inspiration. (BTW I’ve been a SmugMug customer for years.)

Ask yourself: Why do I shoot?

Is it to create a living memory of past events or portraits of family and friends? Perhaps like  Robyn it’s one of the things you can do really, really well no matter what life throws at you.


Marion and I were talking about photography and I think we might book two days and shoot the fall leaves in Algonquin Park again.

TIP: Absolutely go mid week to avoid the massive number of tour busses. Take a tripod and pre-plan your day. Don’t let a little rainy weather deter you (rain and overcast make the colours pop) but skip continuous downpours (not good for cameras or spouses). Stay overnight and get up before dawn to shoot the sunrise. You can shoot everything (just about) from Hwy. 60. Pack a lunch.

I’ve shot in Algonquin a few times and each time it’s different…and when I leave so am I.


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