Class Acts

So I volunteer to help my dear friend Donna Papacosta by shooting some images at a social media workshop she gave in the offices of the Toronto Board of Trade.

Donna and I exchange favours whenever possible as she is a world-class podcaster and owner of Trafalgar Communications and an expert all things to do with social media and I am a wandering old press photographer and magazine and community newspaper editor who is always looking for opportunities to shoot photos.

(BTW I’ve got a new gig of creating blog copy for corporations, small businesses and non-profits.)

Shooting in the Toronto BoT boardroom was pretty tough with a variety of different lighting, small space and no way to use a proper lighting setup or even a flash. So I set the Olympus OM-D to shoot raw images at ISO 800 with the 12mm wide open at f/2 and then to capture the fleeting expression’s on Donna’s face I was firing at 11 frames per second on silent mode in available light.Intro

Three hours of shooting and I’ve filled a 32 gig memory card with 2,000 images. Because of the tough shooting situation paralleled with the need to get Donna looking her best I quickly cut the number down to 200 of which I did post production on just under 100.

Trying to colour match the images took sometime as did working to getting the skin tones consistent but after a couple of happy hours the job was done and I sent Donna a link to a private folder in my SmugMug gallery. I was hoping she liked the images which were suitable for social media posting but wouldn’t hold up as big prints for the wall.

As I was attending an all-day pro-level photo workshop yesterday (more to come about this) I started to see Donna was posting the images on Facebook. Lots of positive comments followed and I was a pretty happy photographer sitting there with a bunch of my peers and other pros.

But I hadn’t seen anything yet.

When I got up this morning and started to check my social media feeds I found this cartoon page that looked like Donna. I looked at it closely and it was Donna and it was my images of Donna. LOL. Wayne MacPhail a friend of Donna’s posted the page.

Now this is creative ! Wished I had thought of it. Nice job Wayne!



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