Street & Travel Photography

Today I’m finishing up my workshop on how to add elements of street photography to your travel photography with the aim of shooting radically better images.P8080284-1

I’ll be giving this talk at the Guelph Photographers Guild tomorrow night (Oct. 21) and I thought I’d offer you a peek at what I will be presenting.

I’m all about having fun while you’re shooting your images. After years as a newspaper and national magazine photographer, writer and editor I must admit that the most fun I had was when there was a camera in my hands.

So for for more than 40 years now I’ve made my living partially by shooting photos for money. That’s why I call myself a professional photographer. But now that I’m past retirement age (and still shoot for money whenever possible), I am learning how to really enjoy shooting as an amateur again.Peter West Photo-1-578-X3

You see, amateur doesn’t mean less capable than professional. It only means as amateurs we’re shooting for the love of photography and not for the pay cheque.

So when were out shooting for our own enjoyment, there are as many different ways to approach our work as there are amateur photographers.

There’s no “right way” or “best camera” or even “approved” upon technique.

The famous celebrity photographer Joe Buissink told a roomful of photographers at one of his excellent workshops I attended that (a) he almost always shoots in “P” mode – that caused an audible gasp from the crowd – and (b) one of his best selling photos wasn’t even in focus!Gay Pride-1-312

So the talk I’m going to give Wednesday night is going to be all about how to be comfortable (and safe) when shooting on the street or shooting while on vacation.

Some folks are comfortable shooting strangers on the street. I’m not.

I did it as a photojournalist but as an amateur I’m not so comfortable.

So Wednesday night I’m going to offer some tips and some of my own shots that I felt very comfortable in shooting on the street or while on vacation.

It’s all about getting radically better images and having even more fun.


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