Who Was Alexandra Boulat?

In a wonderful two-page feature article in today’s Globe and Mail, Dr. Anthony Feinstein, a psychiatrist at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre and a professor at the University of Toronto, tells about Alexandra Boulat a world-class award-winning photographer of the Yugoslav Civil War. (National Geographic photo)boulat_main

Why do some photojournalists leave home and put themselves in enormous danger?

That has always been a question in the mind of those of us who wonder at what it would take to be a conflict photographer.

For those of us blessed to have been news photographers some time in our lives we realize our own domestic efforts just pale beside the work of these masters.

And so many conflict photographers, we have discovered, we’re in conflict with themselves and their own lives and yet they lived to document the lives and deaths of others.

Read today’s story in the Globe and Mail and be amazed by the wonder of it all.


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