Capture Oakville

One of my favourite jobs of the year is shooting the annual Capture Oakville photo competition.Capture Oakville005

The Oakville Camera Club puts on Capture Oakville and this year several hundred attendees including Mayor Rob Burton and his wife Wendy attended.

This is a great celebration of photography and all the photos were terrific. Winners were announced and prizes awarded but even better is the exhibit will remain at the Queen Elizabeth Cultural Centre for some weeks so go have a look for yourself.Capture Oakville039

On a shooting note: the gallery at the Centre is lit with a variety of lights burning at a variety of different temperatures. The only way to shoot such an event with this kind of unpredictable lighting is to shoot RAW and fix in post.

This means that most of the photos I show have been hand-done.

A long process for sure but when you’re asked to do your club a favour this is the only way to go. Here’s a shot of the winners and the Capture Oakville 2015 committee.Capture Oakville112