Not All Who Wander Are Lost

So what does $75 a tire buy you? It buys you comfort and speed!

My friends a Racer Sportif in Oakville replaced my hard to re-tube but essentially bulletproof Gator hard shells (I’ll use them this winter) with Specialized S-Works turbo in 700 X 26 (I was using 23 before) and the difference is amazing.

Super smooth riding the Specialized tires really tame the skiddish nature of the super light carbon-fibre Scott CR1 Pro. Now it feels more like a high-speed train on perfect tracks. 

And they’re fast. I caught up to a young guy on Lakeshore. My bike computer shows I hit 40 km on the flats. I never hit 40 excepted when pointed down a hill. 

Wonderful to go out and chase the fast crowd just for sport.