About Peter West Photo

Peter West is a long-time newspaper and magazine photographer and editor. He ran a black and white darkroom for a daily newspaper and now teaches photography to students in Canada.


8 thoughts on “About Peter West Photo

  1. Hello! Last week, I was a student in one of your classes for the d300 intro class (Henry’s). One of the questions I had was about how to set up the D300 to fire a remote flash without firing itself. I figured out how to do it 🙂


    After participating in your seminar, I checked out SmugMug and started an account there. As blogging is something that I do for personal reasons, I thought I’d start a blogging site describing my journey from novice to … someday… professional photographer. (keeps fingers crossed).

    I enjoyed your seminar VERY much. You have quite a talent in teaching, not to mention photography. Your seminar was the right mix of teacher led instruction and student facilitation. I’m only beginning my journey into the this world and it was a great send off you gave me. If you ever lead a seminar, etc., outside of Henry’s … I’d love to attend 🙂

    Thank you for your time and efforts.

    All the best,
    Sheri Belanger

  2. Hello Peter
    I had just taken a class with you in Burlington this past Monday. I am in the market for a Macro lens as well as a lens that I can take close up photos of people with. I was wondering what you would recommend? Is there one lens that I could buy combining my needs of people close up and say-flowers/butterflies? I have a Nikon D80. Enjoyed your classes over the last few weeks. Just wondering when you will be teaching again?
    Thank You

  3. I absolutely agree with your description of David Ziser’s event in Buffalo. What a terrific person and brilliant teacher. You can tell David really knows his stuff…talking a mile a minute for nearly 5 hours straight. I left with the impression he could have talked for 5 more days without ever lifting a note…and would have been just as happy to do it. What a love for good photography he has…and shares.

    His blog directed me to yours. Even when he’s gone, he’s till teaching! Sorry I did’t get to meet you in my home town. But I like your blog so I’ll be seeing you right here… from Buffalo.

  4. Hi Peter;

    I took your D300 workshop a few weks ago, i enjoyed it ver muh, thankyou.

    Wonder if you can help wih find a manual for theD300. I went to the Nikon site and no luck.

    Also if you have an extra ticke fr r te s at nternaal cntr

  5. HI Peter, I just got back from your D90 course in MIssissauga (NOv 19/09). Fantastic evening and enjoyed every minute of it. Love yor teaching style and down to earth approach. I have so many questions but won’t bother here. I plan to learn a lot more and look forward to attending more of your seminars.



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